With 2023 fast approaching, I wanted to begin the year with some thoughts about prevention. So often we only think of going to see our physician when we feel sick. The past three years have shown us that those with strong immune health are those who fare the best when they contract an illness. So what can we all do in the coming year to make sure we manifest optimal health? First, get enough sleep. If you have trouble sleeping, I recommend speaking with me about options to improve your ability to nod off. Also, there are apps available like Balance and Calm and there is a device called the Oura Ring that can help determine your sleep difficulties. Next, eating right is a huge determinate of health. By “right” I am referring to an organic, whole-food, pesticide and herbicide-free, non-GMO diet. Our choices of nourishment determine our overall health. Third, hydration is key to detoxification and to improving electrical current in the body. The higher your voltage, the healthier you are. Electricity flows better in a hydrated state. And finally, exercise. It does not have to be hard, nor sweaty, just regular, consistent exercise that increases your heart rate. Adequate exercise optimizes health and over-exercising denegrates health. The body perceives that as stress and we all know how cortisol effects weight and immune function. So take it easy this year, move your body, eat well, get some sleep and don’t forget to schedule your follow-up wellness visits with me. We offer seasonal wellness IV therapy and much more to level-up your health for 2023.

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